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Christmas with Heart

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Christmas with Heart

Vanguard Laundry is always looking for ways to increase our impact. Towards the end of 2021, we became a proud partner of Hello Good World to help social enterprise expand their reach and sales and in turn their impact.

“As larger corporations look to for ways to increase their CSR, gifting is a perfect opportunity to switch2good to make a profound difference and spread awareness of the work and impact of each of the business.” said Rachel Whitworth, founder Hello Good World.

Hello Good World, is an online marketplace for the conscious consumer. They make it really easy to shop for brands that make a positive impact putting people and planet at the forefront of their decisions.

Christmas is always a great opportunity to acknowledge the people and teams outside of our organisation that have been part of our growth. With the help of Hello Good World, our corporate gifting went from basic gifts to extraordinary impact and the recipients loved them too.

Hanna Ebling, CEO of Sefa, commented on her gift, “After our first year of working together, Vanguard Laundry was so kind to offer me a purpose-aligned gift voucher from Hello Good World alongside an amazing Christmas box of socially minded goodies that showcased the diversity of our social businesses here in Australia. I used the voucher to buy a banksia candlelight to give to my dad in Germany, and he was thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift with very local, environmental, and also social roots. This is the one stop shop for you to find thoughtful gifts for your loved ones”.

In December 2021 alone, Christmas with heart allowed us to have a minimum social value of $6168 going towards projects in local and overseas projects in education, waste reduction, employment, food, sanitation, and mental health prevention.

Vanguard Laundry are passionate about helping social enterprise and the whole sector thrive. You’ll find our Social Impact Manager Harry Sillett, representing South West Queensland as the Regional Champion for the Queensland Social Enterprise Council Ltd.

During the December 2021 gifting, we were able to increase the sales of 9 unique social enterprise and expanding their reach to 35 industry partners.

The social enterprise featured in these packs

  • Coffee from Nice Coffee Co  100% profits support education and employment of teachers at St. John’s School in the Kibera Slum, Kenya – the largest slum in Africa!
  • Diffusers from Allthingsfi – An ethical and sustainable label that partner with Opportunity International that provide microfinance for families in developing communities to create sustainable transformation through business.
  • Water Bottles from Flow Vessel  Universally designed water bottles to support their NFP, Care Collective. An initiative to help people with disability and their families, connect with local service providers.
  • Milk Chocolate from YUMM! Confectionary – Committed to providing young Australians with the tools and resources needed to be their best. They facilitate early stage intervention materials for mental health and wellbeing support.
  • Pacari Dark Chocolate from Yaku Latin Goods – Fostering healthier communities around the world.
  • Candles from Kenshi Candles  A jobs-focused Social Enterprise providing employment to the Chin refugee community after fleeing civil war in Myanmar. Each candle funds 3kg of pasta for families in need too.
  • Chai and Gift Boxed from Mahala  Dedicated to supporting South Asian women in business to amplify and promote their unique products by thoughtfully curating gift boxes.
  • Wine from Goodwill Wine  Donate to your charity of choice! Vanguard chose to support a local Toowoomba charity, Share the Dignity, working to restore the rights and dignity of asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Reverse Garbage – The gifts were wrapped responsibly too, supporting the circular economy and reusing items that were saved from reaching landfill.

Each of these social enterprise are working towards at least one but often many of the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations in order to accomplish the holistic view of true sustainability by 2030. In fact, the curated purchases made by Vanguard Laundry managed to tick a component in every single of the 17 goals.

To find out more about Hello Good World visit https://hellogoodworld.com/

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Christmas with heart - new

Christmas with Heart

Christmas with Heart Vanguard Laundry is always looking for ways to increase our impact. Towards the end of 2021, we became a proud partner of

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